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"A solid template and path to follow on life’s ride with wonderful experiences to contemplate. Bob is not only a great writer but also a good listener and the road on this ride has inspiration, creativity, joy, and honesty. You’ll feel like a rideshare passenger, eavesdropping on pearls of wisdom and points of view that perhaps you hadn’t considered."

- Cerphe Colwell Washington, DC Rock Radio broadcaster, Infinity Broadcasting/CBS Radio/Viacom/Audacy, MusicPlanetRadio, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Author of "Cerphe’s Up"

"Bob Reilly wears many hats while transporting clients to and fro in his faithful blue Honda – sage for every age, front-seat philosopher, wildcat therapist, and, at times, behind-the-wheel comedian. Relax, fasten your seat belts, and get ready for a mesmerizing voyage into the Rideshare world of Bob Reilly."

- Mark Opsasnick, Washington, D.C.-based author, and music historian (“Rock the Potomac”)

"Rideshare by Robert is a collection of memorable stories told with heart and humor by a true master of the craft. Each new ride gives the reader a tantalizing glimpse into the human spirit in all its glorious, swirling madness. This book is one to keep and one to share with everyone who digs "real-life" with a humorous, poignant, artful spin."

- Susan Butler Colwell, Author of The Summerlands, Book 1 of the Angels and Elementals Series

“Bob Reilly contacted me in the summer of 2010 to see if I was interested in playing eight songs with him at a coffee house in Ellicott City, Maryland. So, on September 4th, 2010, Bob and I started a musical journey that continues to this day. His original songs are a window into the world that he sees. He uses words like a paintbrush to convey beautiful messages about life and its meaning.  Bob's "Rideshare by Robert" uses the same techniques to tell the many experiences and miles that he has witnessed. Some stories will make you think, and some will have you laughing aloud. This is one book that you will not want to put down!”

- Joe Goulait, Maryland. "The Reilly Goulait Band"

“The scientific community agrees: Bob Reilly is a decidedly separate and distinct element inhabiting the Periodic Table. One of the only people on planet Earth who requires--please wait while I doublechecked my scientific calculations here--a grand total of zero hours of sleep. But his inherent estrangement from this activity translates into a huge win for mere mortals who otherwise pillow their heads in expectation of actual REM. There's no reason to sugarcoat things. Bob's joie de vivre far exceeds that of the kid in the candy store. Along with basketball players who tower over seven feet, Bob's been known over the course of these rides, to drive his faithful blue Honda while simultaneously sitting in the back seat, taking careful and copious notes from clients. Pile in, buckle up, and see where the road takes you.”

- Tony Glaros Freelance Journalist, Teacher, and Writer. www.muckrack.com/tony-glaros

“Our journey as friends began when we were just 14 years old. Bob Reilly's talent as a singer, leader, and humorist leaped off the stage even then, as the lead singer for a 10-piece cover band. He has impressed me again, over 50 years later, with a brilliant offering into the world of rideshare...using those same talents to transport, charm, comfort, and tell the tales of this unique community. I have just finished and thoroughly enjoyed reading many of the stories and the background behind the stories of his rideshare world. I am delighted and inspired that he was able to recognize God’s plan for his life and work at this time. His compassion for the human soul and his gift of humor are absolute gifts to his riders and readers. Keep up the excellent work Bob and keep the faith!”

- Cynthia Lynn, Ph.D. Author of the Logan McKee Series, entrepreneur, adjunct professor, businessperson, and world-class Nana

“Bob Reilly has blended joy, sadness, and poignancy in compelling stories. A fulfilling read!”

- Ev Foster Author of “A Killing in Cumberland”

“My friend, Bob Reilly, and I first met in early 1986 when our wives worked together in a restaurant. I was a DJ there and Bob would drift over and chat with me while I spun records (yes, vinyl LPs in those days). Bob is a versatile and highly intelligent friend who surprised me when he presented samples of his book “Rideshare by Robert” for me to peruse. Who knew becoming a book Author was on his list of achievements? His writing is moving, witty, and insightful. I enjoyed reading about his experiences and anticipate more enjoyment when I finally get to read the whole book. Keep up the fine work Bob!”

- Johnny Castle Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Teacher Current Band: The Thrillbillys Band. Former Bands: Crank, The Nighthawks, Tex Rubinowitz & The Bad Boys, Switchblade, Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun

“When Robert “Bob” Reilly was exiting the global supply chain industry as a “top of his field” senior executive and consultant, he was faced with a serious decision. In typical Bob Reilly fashion of turning lemons into lemonade, he quickly assessed the situation and jumped into the brave new world of rideshare, never looking back. Many other middle-aged men saw rideshare as an opportunity to make a quick buck in a changing economy, as they moved towards retirement or another career. But Bob saw a way to combine several of his passions, including his deep personal faith, his love of humanity, and his deep study of its spirit. He has creatively mixed in his own music in the process. This book is the culmination of his original vision. I believe he would agree that so much more has unfolded because of stepping into this unique universe. This journey has opened so many possibilities and eclipsed his original goal of journaling the rideshare experience. The book is rife with Bob’s unique insight and humor. It solidifies his reputation as a talented storyteller. The stories range from the everyday mundane, the extraordinary, the touching, the tragic, and the all too human. So, reach for the car door, step in, and please don’t forget to bring your open mind and open heart with you. You will be greeted by a big smile and warm welcome. More importantly, you are sure to learn something new about the richness of your world, as expressed through its inhabitants. Enjoy the “Ride” (forgive the mixed metaphor), and take a long, sweet, cool sip of this unique concoction, courtesy of Bob’s 4-wheeled Lemonade Stand!”

- Steven Rosch A Two-time Inductee Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame FERVOR Records Artist 410.953.0097 www.stevenroschmedia.com www.stevenroschmusic.com www.janglebachs.com

"It’s obvious that Bob is a gifted writer and storyteller whose stories are told in an easy, conversational style. Accumulated from over 25,000 rides, many of which took place in the Washington-Baltimore region, at the height of the COVID crisis, it also becomes clear that Bob is a man of faith with a heart of gold that he readily shares with his riders. What follows are many compassionately told stories that are sometimes humorous and sometimes quite heartfelt. Often thought-provoking. but always entertaining.”

- Art Allen Freelance Artist www.graphixartdesign.com

“Join my longtime friend Bob (Robert) Reilly while he spins tales of his adventures as a rideshare driver. Riding with Bob is an experience far more profound than simply getting transported from pickup location to destination. Along the way, from Point A to Point B, riders (and readers) should be prepared to reflect, laugh, philosophize, and share deep personal connections. Bob looks beneath the surface to find commonality and humanity among his diverse cast of riders. With humor, insight, spirituality, compassion, and great tenderness, Bob takes us all on a journey through his rideshare experiences in this series of real-life vignettes and reflections. How fortunate that we get to tag along for the ride!”

- Ellen Berrahmoun Flutist/Writer/Photographer/Arts Educator Photography: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/ellenberrahmoun Work in Print: The Secret Life of the City: Street Portraits of Grace and Beauty https://www.blurb.com/b/4779584-the-secret-life-of-the-city Music: https://soundcloud.com/jazzboxmusic

"Humorist and man of faith, Bob “Robert” Reilly, gives us a candid and refreshingly realistic view of the stories of all of us who are trying to make sense of the difficult world and lives we find ourselves in. Robert’s welcoming grace he offers others in the backseat of his ridesharing Honda Civic opens the door for his passengers to share the truth of their lives in the safety of his sanctuary on wheels. This book is filled with the grit of this life met by the faith of this storyteller saint whose journey through triumph and failure reveals itself in the empathy extended to all in the backseat of his little sanctuary. Giving hope as a child of God should: That is, one life at a time."

- Jon Paul Consultant, Writer

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